Phawuo S

Phawuo is a monophonic Maxforlive synthesizer with special dirty yet antialiased oscilators and nonlinear 24dB/octave filter.

Updated v1.1:
now includes more modulation controls

Demo sound with 16 presets:
older demo:

It features:
- 2 oscilators (saw / square) with adjustable pulse width (for square wave). The oscilators have artifacts in higher register and when the frequency changes slowly. Good for low and noisy sounds.
- Frequency modulation sections allows cross-modulation of two oscillators
- NEW each oscilator can modulate the clipping amount of another
- NEW ring modulation for two oscillators
- 24dB/octave nonlinear filter (lowpass and bandpass)
- two adsr envelopes with velocity controlled decay and sustain levels
- one LFO to control pulse width

Tested on Max 6.07 + Live 8 and Max 6.13 + Live 9.
Made with gen~

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You'll get a ZIP with AMXD file and 16 presets.

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Phawuo S